Tuesday, 25 November 2014

LOOKING GOOD: JURASSIC WORLD, not just a roar in the park

Ok, I will be first to admit nothing interested me in this at first. Until I saw saw images released, then the teaser and today THE FULL LENGTH TRAILER.

So basically two boys get sent to the amusement park full of dinosaurs. Meanwhile scientists are creating giant mutant dinosaur. It goes wrong bam chaos. But it looks impeccably gorgeous. Cannot wait the beginning looks strangely reminiscent of soon to come out Tomorrowland but still.
 sort of like Primeval theme park
 obviously peak season isn't the best

 orbs of fun
 dino sea-world
 look at her, she is stunning
 look at him, he too is stunning
yep still stunning

So you guys as psyched as I am?

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