Friday, 7 November 2014

Glue: A tale of two characters.

So if anyone watched E4's murder mystery Glue they would probably be able to pick out three amazing characters. Thats what the show was best at character development. I mean the murder plot was good, the teens drugs, drink and all sorts of debauchery watchable but what made it where these characters.
Some of it was oddly cast definitely as it seed to mine in the cast of Sarah Jane Adventures and SJA's Luke was tragically miscast as Cal (the victim) but it still worked really well. Episode 6 being a particular highlight

Faviorite Female Character

Ruth as played by Yasmin Paige

Ruth is a young police officer who knew the gaggle of teens which Cal was attached to. She is a single mother with only her fragile mother for support. She grew up on the traveller site where cal lived and can speak Romani. She wants her culture and lifestyle back that her mother forced her from.

She is by far the best female character in the entire thing. She is motivated but makes mistakes. She wants those friends back but she realises their problems. She loves being a part of the murder squad but hates having to use her Romani heritage as a weapon.

She wants to be good at her job and catch Cal's killer.
Which she does. Which shocked the hell out of me. (when in doubt it's the brother)

Faviorite Male Character

James as played by Billy Warwick

James is complicated. He lives on his mothers farm, labours away his days then parties the night with the others. However he is so worried what others think he fails to see whats around him.

Him and Cal were going to run away together. They were in love and he wanted to save Cal from years of memories and abuse. He is noble and honest and that puts him in jail for a short time. He loved Cal more than his brother did and more than any of the others.

So these two characters were for me what held the show together. It is a good show, go watch it but these two not only act the hell out of it but also show the two sides of the plot.

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