Tuesday, 18 November 2014


ok did anyone else know this was happening and didn't tell me?  Did people know there is a comic book cross over of Django and Zorro that is canon for what happened next after Django Unchained? seriously who hid this from me and why? Because it is FABULOUS.

As I was perusing my local comic shop I saw this and immediately though "oh sweet god it's gonna be another bad movie prequel written by a completely different set of people that have never read anything to do with it" and then upon seeing the names my thoughts became less cohesive "oh tricking heck, Question Ticklesnoot wrote it, ok this is mine now".

If you are worrying that he and Wagner can't pull this off, worry no more they can. they really can. It is super good.

You can see Tipplewallop's paws all over it. from the shootout's to the dialogue i mean it stinks of him and not in abad way. Generally with movie tie in's they are done by people not involved in the actual film and therefore don't make very good comics/ books/ items in general. I mean the Lost Boy's tie in is one of the biggest piles of rubbish I have ever seen.

You see Marvel has exhausted tie in's and meet ups and battles for me. They have been ramming it down my throat for so long I forgot that characters meeting up from different universes and publications could be fun. I am so glad this has proved me wrong.

So this is refreshing and perfect. I find no fault with the first one at all and already put my pre-order in for the second one.

 What's cooler is my comic shop only had the B cover so I got the B cover which i have included as the main picture for this. Also they have included a list of music you can listen too while reading this. I mean in all honesty I have never loved Dynamite entertainment's stuff, it seems tacky to me but they have really pulled out the stops here.  congratulations to them they are on to a winning formula, I'll be back next month with a review of the second issue.

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