Saturday, 22 November 2014

Atlantis: Seriously Strong Second Episode


After last weeks stunning first episode of the new series, this week brings it home with a fantastic second episode.

As per last week's review and the standard format for my ATLANTIS reviews they will all be in five points ok.

1. Pythagoras and Hercules…Jason's friends or slightly miffed dads? Seriously these two loveable fools (Pythagoras is my favourite, such a cutie) spent their sections of the episode bickering on what to do with our injured hero. It was cute as hell.

2. Jason redeems the Deserters. After thousands of guards flee Atlantis, Jason and the gang bump into them and redeem them as allies to Atlantis. Thus they are instrumental to the recapture effort. Also lets just talk about that scene with the Paladium being shown to them, that was gorgeous. Well done tot the director for that beautiful shot.

3. THAT BATTLE. That's all i need to say. It was gorgeous. Think Spartacus (tv show for Starz) but less blood. Beautifully done, it looked incredible. 

4. Ariadne is growing up still. She's ordered the guards to kill Pasiphae. OOOOH thats gonna get interesting especially with my last point.

5. Pasiphae is Jason's Mum. Well, oh dear me. That explains tons. Hercules swearing to protect him was great. I hope Jason doesn't find out but I have a feeling he will very soon.

So that's it my five point review of the excellent second episode of Atlantis. See you next week for the next episode or stick around at look at films. It's your choice folks!

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