Saturday, 29 November 2014

ATLANTIS: The Games begin in Episode 3

After the past two weeks incredible two parter something pretty special was needed and boy did they bring it! Step in for another 5 point review of ATLANTIS.


1.Pythagoras found about about Jason's heritage and took it pretty well. This just reinforces that Pythagoras in an angel face baby who I love very much!

2. Prince Telemon (dubious dude) turns up to compete in the Coronation Games with loads of other badasses including my favourite short lived character of all time Aretto of Syria. Aretto may die but her spirit will live on forever. Any-who Telemon has the hots for Aridane but he also has something dodgy about him this will probably unfold throughout the series.

3. Pythagoras begins cluing for looks about Telemon's dubiosity when Aretto tells him they knew each other from their salt mine days. Only no-one believes him until….

4. Hercules finds out his favourite fighter Leonidas (who never loses) was paid off by Telemon to throw the fight so he can kill Jason. But Jason wins and that seems cool only now something arose has happened like the worst thing ever.

5. TELEMON is marrying ARIADNE. nope nope nope nope. Someone save this amazing girl she doesn't deserve this lying scumbag.

So onto next week to find out how dubious this dubious dude is and how adorable Pythagoras seems to be.

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