Saturday, 29 November 2014

ATLANTIS: The Games begin in Episode 3

After the past two weeks incredible two parter something pretty special was needed and boy did they bring it! Step in for another 5 point review of ATLANTIS.


1.Pythagoras found about about Jason's heritage and took it pretty well. This just reinforces that Pythagoras in an angel face baby who I love very much!

2. Prince Telemon (dubious dude) turns up to compete in the Coronation Games with loads of other badasses including my favourite short lived character of all time Aretto of Syria. Aretto may die but her spirit will live on forever. Any-who Telemon has the hots for Aridane but he also has something dodgy about him this will probably unfold throughout the series.

3. Pythagoras begins cluing for looks about Telemon's dubiosity when Aretto tells him they knew each other from their salt mine days. Only no-one believes him until….

4. Hercules finds out his favourite fighter Leonidas (who never loses) was paid off by Telemon to throw the fight so he can kill Jason. But Jason wins and that seems cool only now something arose has happened like the worst thing ever.

5. TELEMON is marrying ARIADNE. nope nope nope nope. Someone save this amazing girl she doesn't deserve this lying scumbag.

So onto next week to find out how dubious this dubious dude is and how adorable Pythagoras seems to be.

Friday, 28 November 2014

Looking Good: MOTHERFRICKING Star Wars VII

yes I won't tell you where I felt it but it was most certainly felt

or for those TLDRing right now OMG STAR WARS

I haven't taken too many screens because you guys need to watch it yourselves

I'm leaving out certain bits for your own pleasure LIKE THE SITH'S LIGHTSABER
seriously i'd join the dark side for that lightsaber



This weeks short is the fantastic Death to The Tin Man, the story of a town pariah the pastor's daughter and a horrific curse.  It's gorgeous and evokes a real period feel like old pathe news footage. Made by the team behind "Beasts of the Southern Wild) this gorgeous retelling of Baum's tales is gripping, fantastic and visually gritty.

If you have spare 12 minutes this is certainly the thing to waste them on. It's fantastic and the long production values just make it more charming. As usual Full Film is in the read more.

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Rec It Wednesday: Super heroics just got tougher

S guys last week fairytales this week SUPER-HEROES. Only not happy go lucky 1940's types these are the ones that spin or fracture the standard superhero formula. So buckle in guys, it's gonna be a bumpy ride.

1. You fancy a story of superheroes with no powers facing a rich crime family
with a little swearing girl vigalante.

Kick Ass (2010, Matthew Vaughn)
If you are familiar with this already I wouldn't blame you whilst the second one is a snooze, the first is incredible. Stand out performances, enough comic violence to make you giggle into your popcorn. Also with truly shocking elements. It deconstructs the superhero in a way not many have been able to achieve.

2. You fancy an animated movie that deconstructs with pure weird
made out of your favourite construction toy.

The Lego Movie (2014, Chris Miller & Phil Lord)
Everything is awesome! Yep, Lego movie's here. I mean it's sure to be a classic, it's funny and perfect and I love it to bits. But it deconstructs the whole chosen one/ superhero thing well, so here it on the list. It's light in tone and high in laughs. It should be typical Lord and Miller stuff anyway but each film they make continues to blow me away keep going guys! 

3. You fancy a gritty look at super heroics with a major body count
yep this is one of my faves on the list.

Watchmen (2009, Zack Snyder)
Yep, this movie. It divided people, definitely but I loved it. Yes some of the sex scenes are irritating but thats all forgotten when you get to Jackie Earle Haley's incredible performance as Rorshach (as pictured). HE takes over the screen and it is beautiful. Super heroes aren't just gritty  in this they are literally disgusting horrible and needed to keep a messed up society in shape.

4. You fancy the weirdest yet most normal take on real life superheroes
with Dwight and Ellen Page oh and one of my favourite Elves.

Super (2010, James Gunn)
After Rainn wilson's wife leaves him he decides to become a superhero and destroy the drug lords that she is entangled with. Oh and Ellen Page is in the movie. She is excellent as usual!!
This is an odd movie one I'm not sure how I feel about half the time. It's nasty but so childish. It's well
 worth a watch. This is sure to be a cult classic one day. Also if anything just watch the 2d animated title sequence.

5. You fancy a steampunk dystopia magical thing
just trust me + Eva Green, does that seal the deal?

Franklyn (2009, Gerald McMorrow)
Ok, so this is one of fave films. Not gonna lie to you, it gets me every time. The story of Preest the only non-believer in Meanwhile City a place where religion is enforced.However in the real world Eva green is a suicidal art student, Milo has just been jilted and one man has lost hope of ever seeing his ex-services son again. It's heartbreakingly beautiful fare with visuals that will make you weep. WATCH THIS NOW.

So here we have it five different takes on the superhero ideal. What do you guys think? leave a comment or just watch these you know. I'll be back next week for more Rec It Wednesday shenanigans  by the way feel free to request a theme for these. Like it's cool if you don't want to but give me clues guys!

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

LOOKING GOOD: JURASSIC WORLD, not just a roar in the park

Ok, I will be first to admit nothing interested me in this at first. Until I saw saw images released, then the teaser and today THE FULL LENGTH TRAILER.

So basically two boys get sent to the amusement park full of dinosaurs. Meanwhile scientists are creating giant mutant dinosaur. It goes wrong bam chaos. But it looks impeccably gorgeous. Cannot wait the beginning looks strangely reminiscent of soon to come out Tomorrowland but still.
 sort of like Primeval theme park
 obviously peak season isn't the best

 orbs of fun
 dino sea-world
 look at her, she is stunning
 look at him, he too is stunning
yep still stunning

So you guys as psyched as I am?

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Carmilla: the web series you didn't know you needed

If you ever don't have time to start  a full TV show the newest batch of web series are the biggest godsend in a long time. There are loads and have a lot more scope than TV shows that have been made to fulfil a brief and cannot risk doing something different.

Only yesterday I found my new favourite web series, Carmilla. Based off the famous lesbian precursor to Dracula this series follows the lovely Laura (Elise Bauman) who after her old room-mate Betty goes missing decided to find her and unravel the mysteries on campus. Only her new roommate is a vampire, a pretty, flirty and pretty awesome on but a vampire all the same.

So anyway go watch this fantastic series with most episodes being around the two minute mark you'll get through it pretty quickly.

There are new episodes every Tuesday and Thursday so get to work!

The Imitation Game: a beautiful mind

The Imitation Game is a rare film. The sort that you enjoy watching, intrigues you but leaves you almost in tears. It does this without the use of special effects, no aliens, no screaming children just with a true story. One with an ending that is absolutely heartbreaking.


This film is in a non linear narrative structure starting in the 50's with a breaking into Alan's house. The police are called but nothings stolen and Turing will not co-operate. This starts the detective to have some suspicions and open up a powder keg of information.

And then we see Alan's interview at Bletchley. He is not nice, he's awkward difficult to deal with and cannot understand people. He is unable to communicate fully due to this. Now this was played so well by Cumberbatch, it resonates especially with me due to my dyspraxia and how it affects my social interactions. He ends up working with a group of men that cannot stand him as he simply wants to create his machine that will decipher enigma.
Turing and his men 

He finally gets the ok and off he goes. Creating "Christopher" a code breaking machine that takes way too long. Remember they have a 24 hour time limit. However with everyone standing by him and with the help of Keira Knightly they work it out. Each say the germans send out a weather report each one ending with "Heil Hitler" once they work that out the machine can do the rest and slowly they realise the enormity of what they did.

Kiera Knightly as Joan a remarkable woman who can solve a difficult crossword in 5 minutes 34 seconds aggress to marry him even though he doesn't love her. And the reason being he's incredibly practical and needs her around, marrying her keeps her parents from taking her away. Another standout performance is Mark Strong as the MI6 man. Theres loads of twists and turns that I will not ruin for you here.

However this story didn't end happily. Turing was found guilty of gross indecency and given the option of hormone therapy or 2 years in prison. As he insists on keeping working on "Christopher" he chooses the former and his genius begins to fade he becomes unrecognisable and is unable to hold a pen or continue his work. A year later he committed suicide.

He was pardoned by the queen in 2013. Now he is recognised as genius once more and this film acts as a memorial. It doesn't show him dying, he simply switches off the light in the room where he keeps "Chrisopher". It's subtle, sad and proves that if you want a heartbreaking film that shows the story of am incredible man this is the one. I'm expecting oscar nominations, it's that good.

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Atlantis: Seriously Strong Second Episode


After last weeks stunning first episode of the new series, this week brings it home with a fantastic second episode.

As per last week's review and the standard format for my ATLANTIS reviews they will all be in five points ok.

1. Pythagoras and Hercules…Jason's friends or slightly miffed dads? Seriously these two loveable fools (Pythagoras is my favourite, such a cutie) spent their sections of the episode bickering on what to do with our injured hero. It was cute as hell.

2. Jason redeems the Deserters. After thousands of guards flee Atlantis, Jason and the gang bump into them and redeem them as allies to Atlantis. Thus they are instrumental to the recapture effort. Also lets just talk about that scene with the Paladium being shown to them, that was gorgeous. Well done tot the director for that beautiful shot.

3. THAT BATTLE. That's all i need to say. It was gorgeous. Think Spartacus (tv show for Starz) but less blood. Beautifully done, it looked incredible. 

4. Ariadne is growing up still. She's ordered the guards to kill Pasiphae. OOOOH thats gonna get interesting especially with my last point.

5. Pasiphae is Jason's Mum. Well, oh dear me. That explains tons. Hercules swearing to protect him was great. I hope Jason doesn't find out but I have a feeling he will very soon.

So that's it my five point review of the excellent second episode of Atlantis. See you next week for the next episode or stick around at look at films. It's your choice folks!

LOOKING GOOD: Strange Magic finally theres a trailer

So theres a trailer now! After my…well nutty as a fruit cake excitement for this exactly 11 days ago which you can find HERE. The Trailer has finally dropped and it looks so FRICKING GOOD.

my new font of choice

Prince Charming of Shrek takes his new role incredibly seriously
sorry is that a battle squirrel?

That is art, if ever i've seen it. His armour.
 So I'm still mega excited BRING ON JANUARY.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

SHORT FILM FRIDAY: The Writers Block

Welcome to the second Short Film Friday!

This week's short film masterpiece is The Writers Block by PJ Ligouri. Ligouri of course is famous for his strange surreal adventures on youtube as KickthePJ. However this short film about how writers block is affecting him is so clever and inventive it deserves this post. Set as a monologue, it discusses the idea of writers block without sounding hideously dull.

As you can see above the colour scheme is absolutely gorgeous, it's so visually pleasing and amazing.  This is a fantastic short and one I am glad to share with you as per general friday rules the film itself is under the cut

Looking Good: Pitch Perfect 2, all pitches no stitches!

So another amazing film's trailer just came out. Pitch Perfect 2!!!! Now generally i'm not a sequel's person but there have been several good comedy sequels recently that have made me eat my words (22 Jump Street, Muppets Most Wanted) . So here it Pitch Perfect 2 same all star cast now they are competing internationally!!!

Doesn't it look good, well May 2015 is going to be a heck of a long wait!!!!