Monday, 27 October 2014

The Book of Life-The Beautiful Dead

The Book of Life is the most gorgeous animation ever. that is all. you need to know. EVER. if you weren't considering watching it. GO! take your kids, take your gran, take the friendly neighbourhood bin men and enjoy the best 94 minutes of your life.

This is only going to be a quick review thing because it doesn't need a lot said. It's just that good. 

So plot synopsis: a group of kids are taken to a museum and guided to the mexican room where they learn about mexican culture and the book of life. The tour guide who is particularly incredible tells them about one of the stories in the book. Which is Manolo, Jauquin and Emilia, who stuck in a sort opt love triangle end up fighting bandits, dying, coming back and learning so many important messages. Plus there's a pig that makes sheep noises.

 So for a film produced by Guillermo Del Toro you can see him all over it. Particularly in Xiubalba who voiced by Hellboy himself and looks like an angry chandelier just screams that directors name. And it is glorious. If you like nice animation that isn't just aimed at little kids this is your film.
It is just so entertaining with its oddities, quirks and mexican covers of popular songs that it needs no real review other than this. It is the best film of the year and perhaps the best film for people to appreciate mexican culture with.

I am linking you here to Kiss My Wonderwoman's Piece on it that sums that last point up better than I ever can : HERE

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