Saturday, 25 October 2014

Suburgatory is gone, We'll Miss you Tessa!

So for those who follow the world of TV and reside in England, watch E4 you may have come across american export Suburgatory. The hilarious adventures of Tessa (the gorgeous Jane Levy) and her father George as they move into the suburbs instead of the city she once called home. It's about adjustment, acclimatisation and getting used to a new way of life and it was hilarious. After three fantastically funny seasons it has now finished so this is it's obituary.

So surbgatory may sound like your standard teen girl comedy and yes bits of it were pretty old hat but the characters especially in later seasons were what made this such a fantastic show. Tessa was the fun feisty heroine you'd expect but she was more than one note. All the characters were more than they seemed even mean girl Dalia Royce had more going on than just insulting people and looking pretty she got complicated, upset and scared like everyone else. Perhaps it was because Emily Kapnek created it  felt so realistic yet hilarious. It felt like a real life of a real girl not a comedy creation designed to fail.

 Dalia was a stand out character a bisexual badass mean girl whose sarcasm knows no bounds. Yet she can still be nice charming and her mother is excellent as well. Perfect examples of how to spruce up a tired trope and make them viable awesome pro feminist characters.

Ok, so an episode outline for those still unconvinced. Tessa meets the new boy and hears him talking about what she believes is him being closeted only he is actually a undercover police man. She traps him in a cupboard he says he hates being stuck in closets. end. Yet actually that episode was hilarious and a really good look at allies and just how funny it can be to have people guess stuff.

Another classic, During compulsary Tanning classes at school Tessa escapes and accidentally joins a cult. After Lisa messes up tanning on her own and slightly resembling Braveheart she joins the cult too to not lose her best friend. When the teacher Dallas Royce finds out about Tessa missing class she traces the cult to their lair only to help the two girls escape.

See it was this funny absurdist humour that made this show a must watch and so far there just isn't a show that takes it's place. It was a fun girly show exploring really important themes and it did whilst not being ashamed to laugh at itself.
If you never watched this or judged it for how it looked get the box set and see some quality tv in 20 minute chunks that will make your day.
On behalf of all the girls and others out there that laughed and loved with Tessa and the others, Subrgatory good bye.


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