Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Rec It Wednesday: If you like Wes Anderson

So you like Wes Anderson films huh? Want films like his to get you through? well this is the place for it, Welcome to Rec it Wednesday my new weekly blog on films like other films and recommendations based on other ones. In the comments box feel free to give me ideas for next weeks edition.

So Wes Anderson, One of my favourite directors of all time. He recently made The Grand Budapest Hotel, which is one of my favourite films of all time. Famed for his quirky style, his films are incredibly unique in look and story but some films are similar enough to give you that kick of quirk once you've run out of Anderson films to gawk over. So here are 5 films that should tide you over until his next one.

1. You fancy a more crime based quirk fest.
Well I have one for you.
The Brothers Bloom (Rian Johnson, 2008)
Now, this is a fantastically under-rated movie. Starring one of Anderson's actor friends Adrien Brody as Bloom, setting up cons with his brother (Mark Ruffalo) along with falling for a lonely rich women with a sense of adventure (Rachel Wiesz) and Bang Bang (Rinko Kikuchi). 
Not only is it fun, quirky and zippy but has the same thought provoking moments that Wes Anderson has been making for years. If you like your quirky this is your film.

2. You fancy a quirky comedy classic
This may be a given but…
Napoleon Dynamite (Jared Hess, 2004)

So, this is a cult classic in its own right but it certainly deserves a place in this list.  Napoelon (Jon Heder) lives his life in a run down town in america, where we see his family and his friends through significant events in their lives (prom, election, his brother meets his internet girlfriend) with so much quirk and fun you just can't get enough. A quirky classic that owes itself to the quirk factor begun by Anderson.

3. You fancy some quirky, funny, subtitled revenge.
Well only one frenchman can deliver that!
Micmacs (Jean Pierre Jeunet, 2009)
Now I know Jeunet is mainly associated with Amelie which is a quirk-fest in its own right but its Micmacs that has earned its place perfectly on this list. Bazil (Danny Boon) is shot in the head and in a series of events ends up homeless only to be found by a group of people living in a trash heap making magical inventions and living happily together as a family who decide to punish an arms dealer. This is an emotional, funny. Dominique Pinon and Omar Sy are particular stand outs in this incredibly funny film with a fantastic cast. You like quirk with a bit of bite this is your film plus human canons, dancing automatons and enough clock work to make Guillermo del Toro hyperventilate.

4. You want period drama quirk with lashings of melancholy.
Oh there is only one film that can pack enough punch to do that.
The Fall (Tarsem Singh, 2006)
Now I am incredibly biased, this film means a lot to me. Its not just a quirk fest, its hard hitting, emotional almost painful in parts as the young actress puts you through so much emotion you feel like you'll snap but it is so important for this reason. It conjure the same sadness that Grand Budapest does, Alexandria isn't too far off Zero. In fact, I hope to post more on this later because this film is incredible. But simply put watch this film, it will rip you up but you'll love it. Lee Pace eats the screen and the story sequences was filmed with no CG. I haven't cried at anything as much as I cried at this beautiful film. 

5.  You want philosophical quirk and Jason Shwartzman.
I think its his face, he's just quirk incarnate. 
I Heart Huckabees (David O Russell, 2004)
Huckabees is a difficult film to put a finger on. It's a quirk fest sure, it has Jude law in a wet shirt, it has philosophy in it. But it's odd and if you love your Wes Anderson this is your film. Jason Shwatzman's Albert hires the Jaffe's to look in to his coincidence filled life only it gets more complicated than you'd imagine. It is beautiful and words cannot justify its beauty.

So here we have it folks, 5 quirk fests for days when you crave it. Enjoy!!!!

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