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Rec it Wednesday: Halloween about girls, for everyone

inspired by Reel Girl's list here are some kid friendly girl friendly halloween kids movies. I for one love watching halloween movies but there isn't much out there that is acceptable for the whole family so thats what todays list is. (also EDIT Reelgirl herself helped me come up with a new title so SQUEEEEEEE)
WORD FOR THE WISE: this list doesn't contain the usual kids classics as I wanted show a different range of kids film.

1. you fancy a fun magical escapade with witches, flying beds and all other fun things.
well only Angela Lansbury can provide that.

Bedknobs and Broomsticks (1971, Robert Stevenson)
Now this is the ultimate kids movie for Halloween and every rainy day in between. You may be thinking Disney+witches don't you mean Hocus Pocus no I do not (although I love that movie).  Hot off the heels of Mary Poppins, this classic features a family of three children being evacuated to a witches house. During this they contact her magic instructor who turns out to be a sham and then go on a fantastic, hilarious and fun adventure. Don't write this off it has some of the best songs (Portabello Road, Substituiary Locomotion) and Angela Lansbury is incredible. ULTIMATE KIDS FILM.

2. You fancy a proper scary film for younger ones.
This is the only film that is terrifying yet somehow kid friendly.

The Hole (2009, Joe Dante)
This is genuinely the most terrifying kids film of all time. Seriously scary not watered down at all. Hayley Bennett is the best in this as the next door neighbour that helps the family when they find out they have a pit to hell in their basement.

3. You fancy a fun monster movie with a serious heart
Well then you need to nip on over to France for..

A Monster in Paris (2011, Bibo Bergeron)
With Adam Goldberg and Vanessa Paradis in it, this film was never going to be bad. In fact its a delight. After a lab accident Francouer the flea is transformed into a human sized monster only Lucille realises he is a amazing musician and dancer and together they have the most beautiful adventures and it is truly gorgeous. Proof monster movies can be visually stunning, kid friendly, girl friendly and just be about perfect. The soundtrack is delightful too. Don't just watch it with kids watch it with everyone you know.

4. You fancy some The Mask style fun but with a female protagonist
Oh well then this is a given

Drop Dead Fred (1991, Ate De Jong)

An underrated gem. Elizabeth's (Pheobe Cates) day goes horrifically wrong and she goes from happy to living with her mother and then her imaginary friend Drop Dead Fred appears. What ensues is a fantastically funny comic adventure but with an unexpected heart-warming twist. It's a gorgeous film with real fun injected in it. Elizabeth is given full control of her own life and it really is glorious. Don't mistake the title as it being about men this is a firmly girl orientated film. Although Rik Mayall (RIP) as Drop Dead Fred is a star turn. (also not to blow my own trumpet but I wrote an article about this film here)

5. You want David Bowie looking Spectacular and Badass heroines.
well then…
Labyrinth (1986, Jim Henson)

Perfect every day of the year, Labyrinth is a in a box of its own. It's fun, fantastic and a girly delight. Sarah decides to call the Goblin King from her favourite book to steal her brother as a joke slash revenge thing. Only he really turns up and she has to get him back. If that doesn't grab you then two words DAVID BOWIE. Thats right ol' Ziggy's dulcet tones decorate this beautifully fun and sometimes freaky film. The Perfect halloween movie as well as just a perfect kids movie.

So there we have sit of course that doesn't mean Halloween Classics like Nightmare before Christmas, Corpse Bride and Hocus Pocus need to be forgotten but heres a list of 5 fantastic film for your little girls and all others this Halloween. Also don't forget (what i'm sure is on the verge of being a classic) Book of Life which I have reviewed here.

Have fun this Halloween everyone and Rec It Wednesday will be back to normal focusing on directors and films as the subject rather than a holiday but this was a fun detour.

the only place I can leave this is with this fantastic song from Bedknobs and Broomsticks. Take it away Angela Lansbury.

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