Thursday, 23 October 2014

Looking Good: Avengers 2 is assembling in the near future!

So last Looking Good we had a Tim Burton flick this time its straight into nerd land with Avengers 2: Age of Ultron.
After a leak the trailer for the much anticipated movie and a new high res poster has been given to us. This looks like tis gluing to be fun!
   The new shine-tacular poster!
and now for some screen shots from the gorgeous new trailer for what might just be the most anticipated super-hero film from marvel in some time!

Jeremy Renner and JJ Abrams sharing a moody look
 The Scarlet Witch looking up
 Hawkeye looks incredible, have a look at him foraging in the underbrush

well this is heartbreaking isn't it?

After Marvel's recent success with the epic Guardians of the Galaxy, it can only be up from there. This look like ti will be one of the best films they have ever made. Stellar cast, RDJ and creepy disney looks like a match made in heaven. Colour me excited!
trailer under the cut

get your eyes around this

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