Friday, 17 October 2014

Happy 20th Pulp Fiction

So if you have been paying any attention to film blogs you would know that Pulp Fiction is 20 years old this week. So I thought on this blogs inception that for its first full post, what better thing to begin it with than such a momentous occasion.

There simply isn't a film that is so recognisable, fun yet shocking as Pulp Fiction is there? 
I recently watched it again with the lovely Amy and remembered how great it was. 

There just isn't anything that can combine: dance sequences, over-dosing, mob bosses, Bruce Willis and a robbery into one film without it being bloated and overstuffed. 

This picture is fantastic though. Seriously look at his face. Need anymore be said?

To be Honest I'm not going to post much on this as not much needs to be said.
Yesterday the Daily Dot posted a lovely article about it so I'm going to link it on  Here.
The wrtier Chris Osterndorf finishes the article with this
" It’s a funny, violent, talky mix of high and lowbrow sensibilities" and I think thats a good enough ending to this.

(on a different note I will have the blogs schedule up and running soon so hang in there folks)

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