Monday, 27 October 2014


so all this week there will be a quick post of a halloween film to watch. Like super quick and super fun! so enjoy!!!!!!!!!! and to kick us off….

Fright Night 2011
starring the lovely Colin Farell, David Tennant and Anton Yelchin this fun remake is the perfect start to HALLOWEEN!
The What?
Fright Night 2011 remake of the 80's original.  Charlie (Anton Yelchin) notices new neighbour Jerry (Colin Farell) acting strange with the help of his friend (Red Mist from Kick Ass, Christopher Mintz-Plasse) they work out the sinister truth. Only things go wrong and he is forced to speak to an occult expert (David Tennant looking really super hot) to fight the vampire menace.

The Why?
 This is a fun vampire movie. It's fun, there are hot people in it. Did I mention Colin Farell. The plot is good ,the characters are great, the script witty. It's everything you want for a halloween film.
The Wow?
David Tennant in leather trousers and eyeliner. look at the picture, PERFECTION.
 see you back here tomorrow for another HALLOWEEN pick.

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