Thursday, 30 October 2014


bet you weren't expecting this.
It's one massive double feature to recommendations for your Halloween how fantastic is that!

Ok so to begin a certain super hero movie!
The Dark Knight (2008)
With an award winning performance and genuine scares, this is a perfect Halloween movie.

The What?
Award winning second instalment of the Batman Nolan-verse. This one packed with scares shows Batman face off with The Joker. One of the most memorable performances of all time. Gives me chills. The Joker is a completely unpredictable, unhinged maniac seeking destruction for the sake of it with no justification and no cares.

The Why?
This is the best instalment in the series. But it is also the most halloween worthy. I have seen this so many times and I still get terrified by Ledger's portrayal of the Joker. Certainly worth the watch and a good departure from same-y boring halloween horror movies that all end up the same.

The Wow?
The pencil trick. If you haven't seen it that phrase seems pretty innocuous but honey you got a big storm comin'.

as soon as you saw the word's "double feature you probably knew but….

The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)
The What?
Cult musical classic. Janet and Brad, a happy super hetero couple get lost and stuck only to go to Dr Frankenfurter's castle however something is going on up there and it's just a step to the left.
The Why?
Well in all honesty you don't need a reason it's fun, hilarious and catchy as heck. If you want a proper reason however Tim Curry's performance is incredible. Frankenfurter's final song is probably my favourite.
The Wow?
Well. Meatloaf is pretty fantastic in it. Um.. pretty much all of it. It's just a perfect movie. It will stay with you for years.

back to normal next week.

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