Friday, 17 October 2014

Big Eyes :Looking Good, Welp Tim Burton's back!

So Looking Good is just a section for upcoming film

The Pumpkin King hath returned…only its all a bit different. Perhaps he's matured who knows all I can say is his newest offering looks incredible.


Tim Burton may have let his moustache trees wither but he certainly hasn't let his taste for kitsch at the front door. This can certainly be seen in the new poster for Big Eyes, his biopic of artist Margaret Keane (Amy Adams). Cristoph Waltz looks set to take over the screen once again in the role of Keane's hideous husband who pretends to be the true artist.

Don't despair Burtonites, the trailer still has enough odd to keep my thinking this will be the film of the year!

 Is no-one else getting Wes Anderson vibe here? Because I am and it is Glorious.
 The lovely Krysten Ritter, I am sold on this movie already.
   And there it is Burton's goth streak shining through!

So whilst the goth king appears to be moving to the more quirky fun side of cinema (more on the quirky) it seems he is bringing in his own pizazz. I for one think this film is going to be amazing, still odd to see no Helena Bonham Carter or Johnny Depp though.

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