Saturday, 18 October 2014

Aesthetic Goodness: The Detectorists

Pretty things are good, Well written things are better, well written pretty comedy? well theres a real treat and Mackenzie Crooks Detectorists well thats the top tier. Currently showing on BBC4 its fun yet sentimental, gentle yet hard hitting and generally just a gorgeous program. Don't believe me? have a look yourself!

 Crook's Detectorists is a murky world, punctuated with mistakes and on occasions punches of cloud ion the form of whimsical imagery, almost childish in nature such as the lemonade. It is truly a gorgeous show that not only is beautiful to see but great to watch.

 This shot is gorgeous. Look at it.

Detectorists shows rural life in all its nastiness but still coated in a vague cover of innocence. It shows two friends with their hobby getting through life how they can. ONe relying heavily on Crook's character for support and Crook being left trying to hold all the things in his life up by a tiny little thread. Now at episode 3 which is probably the best of the series so far I simply cannot wait for the next episode.

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