Thursday, 30 October 2014


bet you weren't expecting this.
It's one massive double feature to recommendations for your Halloween how fantastic is that!

Ok so to begin a certain super hero movie!
The Dark Knight (2008)
With an award winning performance and genuine scares, this is a perfect Halloween movie.

The What?
Award winning second instalment of the Batman Nolan-verse. This one packed with scares shows Batman face off with The Joker. One of the most memorable performances of all time. Gives me chills. The Joker is a completely unpredictable, unhinged maniac seeking destruction for the sake of it with no justification and no cares.

The Why?
This is the best instalment in the series. But it is also the most halloween worthy. I have seen this so many times and I still get terrified by Ledger's portrayal of the Joker. Certainly worth the watch and a good departure from same-y boring halloween horror movies that all end up the same.

The Wow?
The pencil trick. If you haven't seen it that phrase seems pretty innocuous but honey you got a big storm comin'.

as soon as you saw the word's "double feature you probably knew but….

The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)
The What?
Cult musical classic. Janet and Brad, a happy super hetero couple get lost and stuck only to go to Dr Frankenfurter's castle however something is going on up there and it's just a step to the left.
The Why?
Well in all honesty you don't need a reason it's fun, hilarious and catchy as heck. If you want a proper reason however Tim Curry's performance is incredible. Frankenfurter's final song is probably my favourite.
The Wow?
Well. Meatloaf is pretty fantastic in it. Um.. pretty much all of it. It's just a perfect movie. It will stay with you for years.

back to normal next week.


Ok once again Adam requested this pop culture classic…
or the snarkiest most hilarious movie of all time.

Ghostbusters (1984)
does this really need introducing?
The What?
Cult classic and overall fantastic movie. Bill Murray hits maximum snark levels as a professor who along with his friends go into business hunting ghosts and kicking their backsides into boxes. and giant twinkies.
The Why?
There is no why! seen this movie? see it again. haven't seen it? why the hell not, watch the movie. It's that worth it. 
The Wow?
Well then, where the hell do I begin? 1. Sigourney Weaver 2. giant twinkie, 3. Bill Murray out snarking government guy, 4. self frying eggs. ITS JUST A CLASSIC WATCH IT

so tomorrow actually is HALLOWEEN so something special is coming up!

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Rec it Wednesday: Halloween about girls, for everyone

inspired by Reel Girl's list here are some kid friendly girl friendly halloween kids movies. I for one love watching halloween movies but there isn't much out there that is acceptable for the whole family so thats what todays list is. (also EDIT Reelgirl herself helped me come up with a new title so SQUEEEEEEE)
WORD FOR THE WISE: this list doesn't contain the usual kids classics as I wanted show a different range of kids film.

1. you fancy a fun magical escapade with witches, flying beds and all other fun things.
well only Angela Lansbury can provide that.

Bedknobs and Broomsticks (1971, Robert Stevenson)
Now this is the ultimate kids movie for Halloween and every rainy day in between. You may be thinking Disney+witches don't you mean Hocus Pocus no I do not (although I love that movie).  Hot off the heels of Mary Poppins, this classic features a family of three children being evacuated to a witches house. During this they contact her magic instructor who turns out to be a sham and then go on a fantastic, hilarious and fun adventure. Don't write this off it has some of the best songs (Portabello Road, Substituiary Locomotion) and Angela Lansbury is incredible. ULTIMATE KIDS FILM.

2. You fancy a proper scary film for younger ones.
This is the only film that is terrifying yet somehow kid friendly.

The Hole (2009, Joe Dante)
This is genuinely the most terrifying kids film of all time. Seriously scary not watered down at all. Hayley Bennett is the best in this as the next door neighbour that helps the family when they find out they have a pit to hell in their basement.

3. You fancy a fun monster movie with a serious heart
Well then you need to nip on over to France for..

A Monster in Paris (2011, Bibo Bergeron)
With Adam Goldberg and Vanessa Paradis in it, this film was never going to be bad. In fact its a delight. After a lab accident Francouer the flea is transformed into a human sized monster only Lucille realises he is a amazing musician and dancer and together they have the most beautiful adventures and it is truly gorgeous. Proof monster movies can be visually stunning, kid friendly, girl friendly and just be about perfect. The soundtrack is delightful too. Don't just watch it with kids watch it with everyone you know.

4. You fancy some The Mask style fun but with a female protagonist
Oh well then this is a given

Drop Dead Fred (1991, Ate De Jong)

An underrated gem. Elizabeth's (Pheobe Cates) day goes horrifically wrong and she goes from happy to living with her mother and then her imaginary friend Drop Dead Fred appears. What ensues is a fantastically funny comic adventure but with an unexpected heart-warming twist. It's a gorgeous film with real fun injected in it. Elizabeth is given full control of her own life and it really is glorious. Don't mistake the title as it being about men this is a firmly girl orientated film. Although Rik Mayall (RIP) as Drop Dead Fred is a star turn. (also not to blow my own trumpet but I wrote an article about this film here)

5. You want David Bowie looking Spectacular and Badass heroines.
well then…
Labyrinth (1986, Jim Henson)

Perfect every day of the year, Labyrinth is a in a box of its own. It's fun, fantastic and a girly delight. Sarah decides to call the Goblin King from her favourite book to steal her brother as a joke slash revenge thing. Only he really turns up and she has to get him back. If that doesn't grab you then two words DAVID BOWIE. Thats right ol' Ziggy's dulcet tones decorate this beautifully fun and sometimes freaky film. The Perfect halloween movie as well as just a perfect kids movie.

So there we have sit of course that doesn't mean Halloween Classics like Nightmare before Christmas, Corpse Bride and Hocus Pocus need to be forgotten but heres a list of 5 fantastic film for your little girls and all others this Halloween. Also don't forget (what i'm sure is on the verge of being a classic) Book of Life which I have reviewed here.

Have fun this Halloween everyone and Rec It Wednesday will be back to normal focusing on directors and films as the subject rather than a holiday but this was a fun detour.

the only place I can leave this is with this fantastic song from Bedknobs and Broomsticks. Take it away Angela Lansbury.


So wednesday, it is all about…
Also Adam (my lovely friend) suggested this and it seemed so fitting.

The Crow (1994)
It's a cult classic for a reason.

The What?
Brandon Lee stars in this excellent gothic vigilante film. After being brutally murdered The crow comes to exact revenge on Halloween on the gangsters that killed him along with check on the little girl he used to look after. 
The Why?
Apart from being infamous for being how Brandon Lee died, It is a genuinely good movie. It's gorgeously shot, the acting is good and it is perfect halloween viewing.
The Wow?
Ooh there are so many bits to pick from but probably when Lee utters his signature line "It can't rain all the time". Gives me chills

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

HALLOWEEN: Link: The Lost Boys

Just a quick thing for Bitch Flicks I wrote an article about classic halloween film The Lost Boys and thought I would post the link here. Enjoy


so Tuesday's Halloween pick is….
Orphan (2009)
There's something so fascinating about creepy kids.
 The What?
After a miscarriage a family decide to adopt a young girl from an orphanage only things are not what they seem.

 The Why?
This is a stunning shocking film that completes twists. Issabelle Furhman is incredible watch just for her performance.

The Wow?
The shock twist.  Seriously it's not what you expect at all and will haunt you for a long time.

So tuesday i thought less mythological creature more realism tomorrow who knows? stay tuned.

Monday, 27 October 2014


so all this week there will be a quick post of a halloween film to watch. Like super quick and super fun! so enjoy!!!!!!!!!! and to kick us off….

Fright Night 2011
starring the lovely Colin Farell, David Tennant and Anton Yelchin this fun remake is the perfect start to HALLOWEEN!
The What?
Fright Night 2011 remake of the 80's original.  Charlie (Anton Yelchin) notices new neighbour Jerry (Colin Farell) acting strange with the help of his friend (Red Mist from Kick Ass, Christopher Mintz-Plasse) they work out the sinister truth. Only things go wrong and he is forced to speak to an occult expert (David Tennant looking really super hot) to fight the vampire menace.

The Why?
 This is a fun vampire movie. It's fun, there are hot people in it. Did I mention Colin Farell. The plot is good ,the characters are great, the script witty. It's everything you want for a halloween film.
The Wow?
David Tennant in leather trousers and eyeliner. look at the picture, PERFECTION.
 see you back here tomorrow for another HALLOWEEN pick.

The Book of Life-The Beautiful Dead

The Book of Life is the most gorgeous animation ever. that is all. you need to know. EVER. if you weren't considering watching it. GO! take your kids, take your gran, take the friendly neighbourhood bin men and enjoy the best 94 minutes of your life.

This is only going to be a quick review thing because it doesn't need a lot said. It's just that good. 

So plot synopsis: a group of kids are taken to a museum and guided to the mexican room where they learn about mexican culture and the book of life. The tour guide who is particularly incredible tells them about one of the stories in the book. Which is Manolo, Jauquin and Emilia, who stuck in a sort opt love triangle end up fighting bandits, dying, coming back and learning so many important messages. Plus there's a pig that makes sheep noises.

 So for a film produced by Guillermo Del Toro you can see him all over it. Particularly in Xiubalba who voiced by Hellboy himself and looks like an angry chandelier just screams that directors name. And it is glorious. If you like nice animation that isn't just aimed at little kids this is your film.
It is just so entertaining with its oddities, quirks and mexican covers of popular songs that it needs no real review other than this. It is the best film of the year and perhaps the best film for people to appreciate mexican culture with.

I am linking you here to Kiss My Wonderwoman's Piece on it that sums that last point up better than I ever can : HERE

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Suburgatory is gone, We'll Miss you Tessa!

So for those who follow the world of TV and reside in England, watch E4 you may have come across american export Suburgatory. The hilarious adventures of Tessa (the gorgeous Jane Levy) and her father George as they move into the suburbs instead of the city she once called home. It's about adjustment, acclimatisation and getting used to a new way of life and it was hilarious. After three fantastically funny seasons it has now finished so this is it's obituary.

So surbgatory may sound like your standard teen girl comedy and yes bits of it were pretty old hat but the characters especially in later seasons were what made this such a fantastic show. Tessa was the fun feisty heroine you'd expect but she was more than one note. All the characters were more than they seemed even mean girl Dalia Royce had more going on than just insulting people and looking pretty she got complicated, upset and scared like everyone else. Perhaps it was because Emily Kapnek created it  felt so realistic yet hilarious. It felt like a real life of a real girl not a comedy creation designed to fail.

 Dalia was a stand out character a bisexual badass mean girl whose sarcasm knows no bounds. Yet she can still be nice charming and her mother is excellent as well. Perfect examples of how to spruce up a tired trope and make them viable awesome pro feminist characters.

Ok, so an episode outline for those still unconvinced. Tessa meets the new boy and hears him talking about what she believes is him being closeted only he is actually a undercover police man. She traps him in a cupboard he says he hates being stuck in closets. end. Yet actually that episode was hilarious and a really good look at allies and just how funny it can be to have people guess stuff.

Another classic, During compulsary Tanning classes at school Tessa escapes and accidentally joins a cult. After Lisa messes up tanning on her own and slightly resembling Braveheart she joins the cult too to not lose her best friend. When the teacher Dallas Royce finds out about Tessa missing class she traces the cult to their lair only to help the two girls escape.

See it was this funny absurdist humour that made this show a must watch and so far there just isn't a show that takes it's place. It was a fun girly show exploring really important themes and it did whilst not being ashamed to laugh at itself.
If you never watched this or judged it for how it looked get the box set and see some quality tv in 20 minute chunks that will make your day.
On behalf of all the girls and others out there that laughed and loved with Tessa and the others, Subrgatory good bye.


Thursday, 23 October 2014

Looking Good: Avengers 2 is assembling in the near future!

So last Looking Good we had a Tim Burton flick this time its straight into nerd land with Avengers 2: Age of Ultron.
After a leak the trailer for the much anticipated movie and a new high res poster has been given to us. This looks like tis gluing to be fun!
   The new shine-tacular poster!
and now for some screen shots from the gorgeous new trailer for what might just be the most anticipated super-hero film from marvel in some time!

Jeremy Renner and JJ Abrams sharing a moody look
 The Scarlet Witch looking up
 Hawkeye looks incredible, have a look at him foraging in the underbrush

well this is heartbreaking isn't it?

After Marvel's recent success with the epic Guardians of the Galaxy, it can only be up from there. This look like ti will be one of the best films they have ever made. Stellar cast, RDJ and creepy disney looks like a match made in heaven. Colour me excited!
trailer under the cut

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Rec It Wednesday: If you like Wes Anderson

So you like Wes Anderson films huh? Want films like his to get you through? well this is the place for it, Welcome to Rec it Wednesday my new weekly blog on films like other films and recommendations based on other ones. In the comments box feel free to give me ideas for next weeks edition.

So Wes Anderson, One of my favourite directors of all time. He recently made The Grand Budapest Hotel, which is one of my favourite films of all time. Famed for his quirky style, his films are incredibly unique in look and story but some films are similar enough to give you that kick of quirk once you've run out of Anderson films to gawk over. So here are 5 films that should tide you over until his next one.

1. You fancy a more crime based quirk fest.
Well I have one for you.
The Brothers Bloom (Rian Johnson, 2008)
Now, this is a fantastically under-rated movie. Starring one of Anderson's actor friends Adrien Brody as Bloom, setting up cons with his brother (Mark Ruffalo) along with falling for a lonely rich women with a sense of adventure (Rachel Wiesz) and Bang Bang (Rinko Kikuchi). 
Not only is it fun, quirky and zippy but has the same thought provoking moments that Wes Anderson has been making for years. If you like your quirky this is your film.

2. You fancy a quirky comedy classic
This may be a given but…
Napoleon Dynamite (Jared Hess, 2004)

So, this is a cult classic in its own right but it certainly deserves a place in this list.  Napoelon (Jon Heder) lives his life in a run down town in america, where we see his family and his friends through significant events in their lives (prom, election, his brother meets his internet girlfriend) with so much quirk and fun you just can't get enough. A quirky classic that owes itself to the quirk factor begun by Anderson.

3. You fancy some quirky, funny, subtitled revenge.
Well only one frenchman can deliver that!
Micmacs (Jean Pierre Jeunet, 2009)
Now I know Jeunet is mainly associated with Amelie which is a quirk-fest in its own right but its Micmacs that has earned its place perfectly on this list. Bazil (Danny Boon) is shot in the head and in a series of events ends up homeless only to be found by a group of people living in a trash heap making magical inventions and living happily together as a family who decide to punish an arms dealer. This is an emotional, funny. Dominique Pinon and Omar Sy are particular stand outs in this incredibly funny film with a fantastic cast. You like quirk with a bit of bite this is your film plus human canons, dancing automatons and enough clock work to make Guillermo del Toro hyperventilate.

4. You want period drama quirk with lashings of melancholy.
Oh there is only one film that can pack enough punch to do that.
The Fall (Tarsem Singh, 2006)
Now I am incredibly biased, this film means a lot to me. Its not just a quirk fest, its hard hitting, emotional almost painful in parts as the young actress puts you through so much emotion you feel like you'll snap but it is so important for this reason. It conjure the same sadness that Grand Budapest does, Alexandria isn't too far off Zero. In fact, I hope to post more on this later because this film is incredible. But simply put watch this film, it will rip you up but you'll love it. Lee Pace eats the screen and the story sequences was filmed with no CG. I haven't cried at anything as much as I cried at this beautiful film. 

5.  You want philosophical quirk and Jason Shwartzman.
I think its his face, he's just quirk incarnate. 
I Heart Huckabees (David O Russell, 2004)
Huckabees is a difficult film to put a finger on. It's a quirk fest sure, it has Jude law in a wet shirt, it has philosophy in it. But it's odd and if you love your Wes Anderson this is your film. Jason Shwatzman's Albert hires the Jaffe's to look in to his coincidence filled life only it gets more complicated than you'd imagine. It is beautiful and words cannot justify its beauty.

So here we have it folks, 5 quirk fests for days when you crave it. Enjoy!!!!

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Aesthetic Goodness: The Detectorists

Pretty things are good, Well written things are better, well written pretty comedy? well theres a real treat and Mackenzie Crooks Detectorists well thats the top tier. Currently showing on BBC4 its fun yet sentimental, gentle yet hard hitting and generally just a gorgeous program. Don't believe me? have a look yourself!

 Crook's Detectorists is a murky world, punctuated with mistakes and on occasions punches of cloud ion the form of whimsical imagery, almost childish in nature such as the lemonade. It is truly a gorgeous show that not only is beautiful to see but great to watch.

 This shot is gorgeous. Look at it.

Detectorists shows rural life in all its nastiness but still coated in a vague cover of innocence. It shows two friends with their hobby getting through life how they can. ONe relying heavily on Crook's character for support and Crook being left trying to hold all the things in his life up by a tiny little thread. Now at episode 3 which is probably the best of the series so far I simply cannot wait for the next episode.