Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Rec It Wednesday: PARTY TIME

So as 2014 stutters out of existence and 2015 begins, it's time for a party themed Rec it Wednesday. Come it's too easy!

So without further a do my five favourite parties on film

1. You fancy beautiful parties
and the inevitable death of the american dream

The Great Gatsby (2013, Baz Luhrmann)
Easily one of the most beautiful an incredible films of 2013 Lurhmann's typically lavish look at Gatsby is perfect in every single way. I love every single minute and the parties are beautifully extravagant. 10/10 would be roaring drunk. Plus Toby Macguire is an adorable puppy eyed man.

2. You fancy the house party of a life time
hosted by cops undercover

21 Jump Street (2012, Chris Miller & Phil Lord)
Lord and Miller (this blogs favourite director duo, if you haven't been paying attention) caught my eye with this incredible comedy. The party is excellent, the humour doesn't stop and Channing Tatum proves he can act. Its win win all round.

3. You fancy a lavish celebration
bathed in extravagant history

Marie Antoinette (2006, Sophia Coppolla)
Refined indulgence is always worth watching and this gorgeous film takes the cake (heh). Definitely worth it for these sequences alone. However if you aren't a fan of cakes or fine brocades you might wanna miss it.

4.  You fancy some pre wedding antics
with some of the funniest ladies

Bridesmaids (2011, Paul Feig)
Count this as you wish, but I think it's a shoe in for this list. Funny, hilarious and scarily realistic, I love every single minute. Reinforces how much i'm looking forward to Feig's stab at the Ghostbuster's franchise.

5. You fancy a really fetch party
pink on wednesdays

Mean Girls (2004, Mark Waters)
So this is just a classic but yeah this party had to be on this list. So totally worth it in fact that it almost doesn't have to be described. Just put your most sexy costume on and try not to look too mousey!

So there we have it five epic parties on film!



2014 is going and 2015 is coming in, so it's time of my first annual best of's.  After Too Many Cook's victory in the short film division lets see who won best film.

As you will know, this film changed my view of cinema. It's quirky, gorgeous and utterly perfect and is completely deserving of this award.  As you also may know I wrote an article about it's most interesting character HERE.

This film is testament to Anderson's genius. In it's own make-believe world of Zumbroka, we see war brewing in what is a picturesque land. A former Refugee and his new bisexual boss are embroiled in a horrific scheme in which they never fully return. Beautiful,stunning and reminding us all why we fell in love with anderson's work in the first place. It is the best deserving winner of Best Film.

So there we have it 2014's BEST FILM AWARD goes to: THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL

runner up: Guardians of the Galaxy (imdv)

Fargo: BEST TV SHOW of 2014

So the final of my round ups of best media items, is TV show. There have been some hardy contenders this year but only one fully grabbed my attention.

So my TV show is...
This was just too easy a choice for me. Fargo's 10 episode run was utterly perfect, not one bad episode, not one issue. In fact I would go so far to say it's probably the best show for quite a while.

The show works as a sequel to the Coen's incredible film but also works on its own. Following a group of gangsters, pitmen, police and the lovely Lester. It's funny, dark, enough gore. It really is completely faultless. Bring on season 2. Billy Bob Thornton played a blinder. this  show is just odd. Also we had a deaf hitman and his partner (uh huh wrenchers) and some really good jokes.

So there we have it 2014's BEST TV SHOW goes to FARGO
runner up: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (imdv)

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Too Many Cooks: BEST SHORT of 2014

So as 2014 slowly rounds itself down I thought we could do maybe 3/4 categories of best items of media. A film, tv show, short film and perhaps comics, all of which will not have been on here before.

I thought let's start with SHORT FILM
I first learnt about this bizarre parody dark comedy sketch from PBS Ideas Channel's video explaining and analysing Too Many Cooks through a look at absurdism. (that video is available here)

It's a very difficult thing to explain. It's in essence a parody of early 80's-90's family sitcoms that takes a bizarre and twisted turn never even finishing it's opening song as more and more versions of characters turn up, get killed or in some way twist it more and more. Watching it for the first time is difficult as you are trying to battle with why it exists, what it even is and who even thought this horrible monster up. Yet, it's entertaining, hilarious and completely worth it.

So there we have it 2014's BEST SHORT FILM goes to "Too Many Cooks"

runner up: The Process by Which Opinion becomes Fact by Vi Hart (HERE)
As usual for short films 2014's winner Too Many Cooks is under the cut


Todays post is a round up of the best web series you need to watch. Finally you'll have something to do in all that spare time!!!

This will all be under a cut because it' gonna be vid filled and pretty huge.
11 excellent web series for your viewing pleasure
Don't worry theres a web series out there for everyone!

Also other fun stuff loads of these are kid friendly and full of cool female characters!

Saturday, 27 December 2014

TOP 5 Tim Burton Movies

To celebrate the release of Tim Burton's newest film Big Eyes, instead of going to see it because well i don't have the time right now I thought lets come up with a list of my top 5.

1. Big Fish
There aren't many films that make me cry, and by that  i don't mean bring a tear to my eye I mean fully sob uncontrollably. Snotty nose and the lot. This is one of them. Starring the lovely Ewan Mc Gregor, Jessica Lange and Matthew McGory, It tells the story of a man whose father is dying as he starts to unravel the tall tales his dad told him as a child. It's a beautiful film, well told and absolutely heartbreaking. If you haven't watched it, don't delay it's that worth it.

2. Ed Wood
For some reason this Biopic has been mostly forgotten, it shouldn't be. Telling the story of worlds worst filmmaker Ed Wood and shot entirely in black and white. The film puts a very interesting spin on was he a bad director (seriously watch plan 9 from outer space, it's fantastic trash) or did people simply not understand his vision. Either way it's a splendid film nice to know for Big Eyes Burton's going back to something he is very good at.

3.  Sleepy Hollow
I have to admit this is a fantastic movie. Johnny Depp gets to do stuff that isn't just creepy playful mysticism, Christina Ricci is gorgeous and Christopher Walken has sharp teeth. Yeah this film is great.

4. Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
I love a musical, I really do. I love the Tim Burton aesthetic too (when it's not hammed up to the nth degree) mix them together you get this gorgeous thing. An all singing all dancing murder cannibal spree and head turning performances. Yeah, this is how musicals should be.

5. Alice in Wonderland
So this one may upset people but for me it's one of the finest films Burton has ever made. It's visually stunning has enough quirk to make it good without going into the somewhat confused self indulgent area that Dark Shadows was. I loved this when it came out and I still do. Also seriously gorgeous girl armour is the best type of armour.

Nightmare before Christmas
Edward Scissorhands I love these both but they are so publicised that I thought these ones needed a re-airing. I love them equally too and I tool this to top 10 Mars Attacks and Batman would have to be included and I pride myself on self-control.

So there we go, what do you think of my top 5? any ones you wish were on the list? let me know in the comments below!

Friday, 26 December 2014

Short Film Friday: East of Kensington

What better to round out Christmas season than a twisted version of a family favourite. East of Kensington is  what happens when Peter visits the Darlings again. Only Neverland made them broken and cruel, they torture Tinkerbell and become horrible and hardened by their adventures. It sets interesting eye at the idea of the boy that won't grow up and just how toxic that idea is.

As usual full film under the cut

Thursday, 25 December 2014

DOCTOR WHO LAST CHRISTMAS, all about those tangerines


SO this is a welcome return to form for Doctor Who. Last season was a mixed bag from the amazingness of Female Master andListen all the way to the awful icky-ness of anti-abortion moons and the ablest forest adventure. This was definitely perfect. So because I find it easier to work these things out in a bullet point form welcome to 10 point Doctor Who.

So to get over my initial fan-girling the lovely Nick Frost is Santa. Hells to the yeah.

Also the fact that him and the doctor appear to be fighting = amazing.

Shona was by far my favourite of the dream crab victims. Mainly her dancing got to me. Fantastic dance scene and strangely scary. Probably one of the best ways to introduce a character ever.

probably the scariest creature since Listen, actually scratch that. The scariest creature in a while. They latch onto your head suck out everything and leave you in a dream state. Yeah not pretty.They can be distracted however by not thinking about them. Hence Clara spilling the beans over Danny's death and slapping the doctor.

So Santa bursts in. With two elves... yeah it's that sort of episode. Anyway he breaks in the building with a ton of slinks, a tangerine and an army of toy robots. Plus Rudolph, with a car lock. It's a cool as hell scene makes you wonder why people like police-boxes so much!

Ok best line time said by the Doctor "you have a horror movie called Alien?, no wonder people keep invading you"
Come on best line ever.

ok other best line ever talking about how the north pole is actually stripey.

So a dream crab latches on creepy as hell dream sequence. Danny comes back and the Doctor saves her by getting attacked too. SADNESS. They win of course but the sadness is still there.

ok very useful plot tool ahoy. Reading a book and having each others first words wrong. surprisingly creepy!

another contender for best line ever.

When we got back and found Clara older who never found anyone but went travelling and was happy. But the doctor didn't know what to do and i'm not crying you are crying and help  abort mission. it's too sad. And then it turns out be another dream and he doesn't know the diiference and has to show her and he's so worried she'll be upset and cries.

Santas is real

So there we have it Christmas Special SORTED.

oh yeah and Clara is staying HELLS YES

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

ON Angel Wings: The best Christmas special so far

An Micheal Morpurgo was never going to be bad. And it certainly wasn't this half an hour special following a young girl called Rachel visiting her grandfather only to be told the story of how when he was young and a shepherd he was taken to see the baby jesus by the Angel Gabriel.

For a half an hour special it was beautiful the story well written, well paced, the animation as gorgeously simple and it works better than most animated films do!

The young boy is incredible who chooses to fly with an angel, The angel itself looks absolutely gorgeous and shines beautifully. There conversations are really well written and it all is based on the idea that because Amos is left behind by his family. Gabriel takes him so he doesn't miss out.

It is a beautiful animation that I almost wish it was a film rather than half an hour. If you want a christmas special to show to your family, from children to adults.

Amos becomes the first visitor of jesus and Rachel learns that being behind isn't always bad.

Pure beauty.

CABIN PRESSURE ZURICH PART 2: A fittingly sugar coated finale

So after my post yesterday about the first part of Zurich being overwhelmingly positive, the second part was even better. Yes as usual it was highly predictable and childish, good guys win, bad guy loses. It was done in such a way I simply didn't care.

So They won of course Gordon had hidden gold in the planes wiring system. This explained why GERT-1 was so hard to fly this showing us Martin is a good pilot.

Arthur learned that his dad was horribly manipulative and got over his fear of him with the help of his MJN family.

Carolyn and Herc got married although she will never admit it

Douglas finally became captain again and...

Martin and theresa stayed together, he went to swiss airways where he called himself...Martin Du Creff!!


We're gonna miss you MJN but you flew out on a high!


Rec It Wednesday: Obligatory Christmas Theme

Hi everyone, Merry Christmas Eve to all you lovely folks.
You'll notice too holiday classics are missing from this list both Home Alone and Die hard and Nightmare before Christmas. But then again I'd except to have all ready watched those by now or at least set them to record. So with out further a do, Welcome to Christmas. Dinosaur Style!!!

1. You fancy a cheery holiday classic
and your favourite colour

Elf (2003, Jon Favreau)
The ultimate festive family treat, enough jokes to keep everyone in the family interested. Entertaining enough that as an adult you don't feel bad watching it plus it has the added bonus of having blonde Zooey Deschanel. Certainly worth a watch and probably one of my favourite christmas comedies.

2. You fancy a christmas comedy noir
with a gay detective.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005, Shane Black)
Not only adding some LGBTQ+ representation to your Christmas cheer but adding some serious comedy crime, Its this practically forgotten film that is just about the best at what it does. Michelle Monaghan plays a blinder and the whole plot is straight out a pulp detective novel but that will all make sense when you watch it. Enjoy!

3. You fancy a Jim Carrey
and Dr Suess fun fest

How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000, Ron Howard)
Where do we begin here. It has everything I love. Good stylised image, good actor, Jim Carrey, excellent quotable lines. There is nothing not to love in this fun adaptation of a whimsical classic.

4.  You fancy an animated adventure
and Chris Pine (well we all fancy Chris Pine but still)

Rise of the Guardians (2012, Peter Ramsey)
I love this movie. The cast is veritable bag if delights with Hugh Jackman playing the easter bunny and Chris Pine as Jack Frost, Jude Law as the evil Pitch. It's excellent fun, I f you liked Nightmare before Christmas the concept is similar only I'd say executed better. This is just a fun festive movie.

5.  A fun christmas treat with cute kids
and it has a female director

Nativity (2009, Debbie Isitt)
The first one and the best one. The second one is decent but the third one I haven't seen but early reviews aren't looking perfect. Anyway Martin Freeman sets up a school play, Hollywood gets roped in and it gets better from there. It;s your standard silly premise but the film pulls it off, Amazing child cast as well. Really worth a watch, it's also kinds great to have a female director and screen writer on the list, I try to put one on every list. Thank You Debbie.

So there we have it 5 festive films to enjoy yourself over Christmas enjoy!!!!!

Tuesday, 23 December 2014


Sometimes two parters don't work. The second half drags and you are left with a sad half creature and it makes everything incredibly annoying with 2 two-parters going on (this has just finished, cabin pressure just started) we are off to a great start


So after being broken out of prison and being confused with two expert bomb makes Sam and Phil end up working with a bunch of terrorists. They hide in vending machines have to steal secret chemicals and then they make a break for it using a mentor and coke bomb and escape onto the train to calais.
Then they commander a plane, skydive to England. Somehow end up in Bracknell and then we find out why the russian twin is there. Every possible plot hole is tied up as lovingly as the first season.

James Corden and Matt Baynton were incredible throughout. Bayton in particular when Sam gets reunited with Lizzy was lovely. As usual it didn't lose any of its wit and charm and I wish other shows could be as dependable as The Wrong Mans.

Also the russian twin uttered the title. HELL YES, I love it when that happens!

So in conclusion another fantastic show from these two and a fantastic finale. Who knows if there will be another series but if not I'm happy enough with the perfectly formed series we got. Thanks Guys

And i'll leave you with the best christmassy moment
"i wonder what time midnight mass is?..."it's usually quite late"

Cabin Pressure Zurich part 1: TEN MILLION POUNDS

So MJN flies through the air one last time in this lovely but not cloying comedy from certified genius John Finnimore.


So tomorrow is the finale but right now lets look at the penultimate episode in 4 easy to handle chunks

1. Oh Martin
as the beginnings of a farewell the opening was lovely. Giving away his van was heartbreaking and oh Martin not wanting to leave. it's all monumentally sad.

2. Take her to the vets
Fantastic line. as usual the quality of jokes were incredible. Cabin Pressure does better than most telly sitcoms in terms of laughs.

3. 10 Million!
Oh Arthur. bidding Ten Million really

4. What are you up to Douglas??
seriously whats on the plane! what has the nasty Gordon done?

So whats happening tomorrow night, I have no idea but I am pretty excited for it.

Monday, 22 December 2014

THE WRONG MANS XMANS/WHITE MANS: Now this is is where it is at!

Finally after Christmas viewing started off badly with the dull Black Mirror offering (review here) now I know there is going to be decent TV. The Wrong Mans first series was hilarious, well paced and fantastic but pretty tied off it seemed that it would be impossible to have a decent second series. Oooh how wrong I was


Firstly this is a christmas two part special as opposed to a new series that starts off at Christmas. It's a two parter with the second part tomorrow so my review for that will be tomorrow. With the formalities over lets discuss it.

So Sam and Phil have been put into witness protection and moved to Texas to work for a trucker firm with a leery boss that specialises (as it turns out) in mild trafficking. Phil finds out his mum is is very ill and has to go home even though Sam has been screaming about going home since he got there.
Sam (now Terry) has been compiling a board of possible people who could have bombed them only no-one believes him. (also points for doing one of these without it feeling as forced as Jonathan Creek when they attempted it). Anyway in the meantime the MI5 spy who defected to Russia gets shot by a rogue Russian twin spy. As usual they don't scrimp on detail and mindless violence and that makes it execptionally fun. Anyway they try to be go home only end up in an american prison on suspicion of drug smuggling.
Anyway in prison they are told they have to find the key to a hoard of stolen goods. They have to befriend a group of racists then cut out someone's eye. 

As usual it is absolutely fantastic. The cliffhanger was fantastic tomorrow night is gonna be a huge treat. I can taste it!

Sunday, 21 December 2014

SCREEN SPLURGE: Tomorrow's Worlds: The Unearthly History of Science Fiction

So I for one love a good documentary. I do it's probably one of my favourite things and this series really got me. Dominic Sandbrook and a host of the famous faces of science fiction (Rutger Hauer, William Shatner, Karen Gillain, seriously hundreds) look at four famous themes and ideas in science fiction, their creation, the use of the medium and how it changed society.
In it they explore 4 popular Sci Fi concepts: Space, Invasion, Robots and Time.

So 4 one hour episodes should be no hardship for most hardened tv watchers, however these are so worth watching that I am recommending them for holiday viewing. They are really entertaining, lots of information giving and the variety of sources and people they talk to make it watchable.

A particular delight is having Rutger Hauer do his speech from Blade Runner. I didn't cry or anything (i did quite a bit) they had C3P0's actor talk about what it was like being a machine to Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure's writer talk about paradoxical time travel and then a physicist explaining the real science.

It is really worth a watch guys go catch it on Iplayer now.

Saturday, 20 December 2014


So the trailer for season 2 part 2 of Atlantis happened. Let's go have a look shall we

OH this is gonna break my heart isn't it